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PhotoConception . . . Updates . . .

Photoconception ~ the official website of photographic artist Thomas Hodges

Photoconception ~ the official website of photographic artist Thomas Hodges

Updating my official website “PhotoConception” is long overdue and something that I having been trying to get to for far to long!  Finally, I’m moving forward, and one of the first priorities has been the progressive conversion of all existing artwork presentations from Flash to to a new HTML design. This is particularly significant to IOS users (like myself!), who are unable to view Flash on IOS. With the ever increasing use of tablets and other hand-held devices, compatibility across all platforms is essential. You can take a look at my series China Doll  as an example of the new HTML presentation, and like I say, updating of the others is in progress.

My new HTML artwork presentations now enable you to view all my works on any device. It’s a progressive process, starting firstly with the replacement of all existing presentations and then with the updating of my artworks page in general, which will during these coming weeks, be extensively updated with numerous bodies of working spanning across this past seven years.

I have a vast selection of artworks that currently can not be seen on my website but are nonetheless available internationally through my network of representing galleries and dealers. A number of these works can be found on my Tumblr blog, which serves in parallel to bring you snippets of new work, both artworks and editorial works destined for book publications. However, during these coming weeks this situation will be changed and once again, my official website will be the main source of reference.

All artwork posts on shown my website have information links which integrate with this my official blog, wherein you will find detailed information on the artwork series in question.

I hope you find these changes helpful in enabling you to view my works on any device from any location. Enjoy!



Michael K. Corbin

Michael K. Corbin

Michael K. Corbin is an avid art collector, writer, full-time broadcast journalist, yogi and runner. A New York City native, he travels far and wide for art’s sake. He writes for various art websites that include www.absolutearts.com and of course, www.artbookguy.com.

I am delighted to have been listed by Michael as one of “106 SUPER HOT ARTISTS FOR 2013”. I recently also did an in-depth interview with Michael, which can be read HERE.

Thank you Michael, I shall do my very best to prove you right!

SQUIDWHO ~ The People’s Who Who

Perhaps you have never heard of “Squid Who”, because until recently I hadn’t either.  However, one of the followers of my work, who herself is a talented artist, has created an entry for myself, which can be found HERE.  The entries are updated on a regular basis and it’s quite interesting for me to see somebody’s perspective on their presentation of a wide cross-section of my works.

Artwork Info

the official website of photographic artist Thomas Hodges

The artworks page of my website has been recently updated, to incorporate an information link immediately beneath the thumbnail of the artwork series.  That link will take you to the blog posting of the series in question, wherein you will find full details and information on that specific artwork series.

My artworks are currently undergoing an inventory check and update, so some of the links are as yet not live, but all will be updated during the course of the coming weeks.  Earlier series that have not be featured previously on my blog, will of course now be featured, so effectively, this blog will become the principal source of information for all artworks I produce.

I have numerous new artworks series pending release, so watch-out also as they are listed both here and on my official website (the link to which is now shown to the right of this post).

I believe this change will facilitate my artwork collectors (both existing a future) by providing them with an immediate source of information on all of my artworks, both technical and inspirational.  Of course, prices are not given, but are available immediately upon request.  Kindly note that I do not sell my artworks directly, as in loyalty to my agents, dealers and representing galleries, all purchase enquiries are communicated to a representative.  The only exception to this is in regard to benefit sales and the like, which are administered on a case-by-case basis.

Enjoy my work and thank you for your continued support, which as a full-time professional artist, is greatly appreciated!

Thomas Hodges.com – Content Update

th.com content

My recently launched commercial website has had an extensive update of the content, and now contains a vast assortment of my fashion and beauty portfolios, much of which has been shot for editorial purposes. CLICK HERE to view the site.

Nudity is not Art ?


Just a few days back, I received an invitation via e-mail to join the website Artreview.com. After having a quick browse of the site, I decided why not. The site describes itself as follows:-

“artreview.com is an exciting new social networking site for the artworld, creating a global forum for discussion, interactivity and debate.

Our members are artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and the curious. As a members of artreview.com, you can:

  • Post artwork, blogs, videos and audio and have members rate and comment on it
  • Find exciting new artists from around the world
  • Sniff through last night’s party pics and post your own
  • Keep up to date with news and access ArtReview magazine archives
  • Find the galleries that represent the artists with ArtFinder
  • Create your own discussion groups and forums
  • Promote yourself and make friends

artreview.com is a unique blend of editorial and community content, combining the insight and critical weight of some of today’s most important artworld voices with the input and opinions of everyday enthusiasts from around the world. artreview.com lets the artworld do the talking.”

I signed-up online as required, and spent quite some time diligently completing the various fields of information, profile, etc. They also have an image upload option, whereby you can bulk upload images, so I just took a block of images that I currently have with my galleries, and dropped them in the upload box. Whilst uploading, I received several friend requests and even a few positive comments on my work from fellow members. I even added a few friends myself, a couple of which I already know through other such sites.

A short time later, whilst my image uploads were still in progress, I received an e-mail informing me I had been banned from the site ! I then received a subsequent e-mail, informing me of the following:-

“Dear Thomas

We do not like to have purely erotic images such as yours on artreview.com; it’s not the kind of atmosphere we want to cultivate. Please remove your all images containing nudity immediately or unfortunately we will have to ban you from the site.
James Westcott
Web Editor
1 Sekforde Street
London EC1R 0BE
T: +44 (0) 20 7107 2770
F: +44 (0) 20 7107 2761
M: +44 (0) 7894 731890″
It was rather strange that I received the message only after I had already been banned, but I found it even more strange that a UK website proclaiming itself to be “an exciting new social networking site for the artworld, creating a global forum for discussion, interactivity and debate“, does not allow nudity ?
I immediately sent an e-mail to Mr. James Westcott, expressing in no uncertain terms my dissatisfaction, and enquiring as to how an artist such as myself could have been invited to join his site at the outset, when my main-stream subject matter is art-nude and erotic-nude, both genre having full and total recognition within the art world ? Mr. Westcott replied accordingly:-
“Dear Thomas
We don’t allow such explicit nudity on the site. I can unban you from the site if you agree to only post images without nudity.
Of course, it is somewhat of a problem for an artist such as myself to post works with no nudity, when my work is primarily that ! I did however agree to post no images if he lifted the ban, simply to allow me to express my views within the Blog section of the site, but needless to say, the ban remains !
I am thus making this posting in my principal Blog here at Absolute Arts, together with other public meeting sites, as I believe such restrictive practises can only be damaging to the art-world, which should pride itself in being democratic and as free as possible from censorship, especially by somebody who proclaims to be representing the art-world itself. It’s also interesting to note that the terms and conditions of artreview.com as published on their website, don’t seem to make any reference whatsoever to nudity being prohibited ?
It’s rare indeed that I take the time to publish anything of this nature, but I feel most strongly that artreview.com and Mr. James Westcott are not at all legitimately representative of the art-world. I have requested a more detailed clarification from Mr. Westcott, but he has elected to ignore me. I think that says it all !

Vernissage Feature at Libera Eva, Italy.


As of today, I am featured on the front page of the Italian art website Libera Eva, where I have a vernissage of my portfolio of images. Be sure to pay a visit. Thanks.



Recently I was introduced by its Patron Tracy Frost, to the relatively new website of “Art2Bank Limited”, namely www.art2bank.com. I was immediately impressed by the professional and comprehensive presentation of the site, which endeavours to give a summarisation on the global world of investment in art.
The site seems to have a specific focus on the world of corporate art and highlights the growing demand by corporate investors. There are also some extremely interesting links to some of the worlds most prominent corporate collections, together with sections on investment strategies and motivations, investment analysis and a variety of articles pertaining to art investment in general. The site features prominent emerging artists, together with search facilities associated to artprice.com. There is also a growing “Artist Gallery” section where you can present your art to the world.

In my opinion this is an excellent initiative and to be applauded. Art today is a business of immense scale, and I believe that sites such as Art2Bank serve as an excellent portal, serving both collectors and artists alike. I encourage you to pay them a visit.


Wang @ Met-Art

I recently signed a contract with Met-Art (http://www.met-art.com/), one of the world’s foremost nude-art website. Met-Art are renowned for being extremely selective as to which photographers they associate with, so I consider myself privileged at having entered into an agreement with them. However, my contributions will be very limited, as I shoot very little of this nature.

Featured Photogapher at online Erotic Magazine “Duclerck.com”


The highly acclaimed online erotic magazine “Duclerck” has incorporated me on their site as a featured photographer, amongst the company of some of the world’s foremost erotic photographers.

The article can be found at the following link: www.duclerck.com/hodges.html . Take a moment also to browse their site.