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Ethnicity One ~ the series

Ethnicity One ~ the series

Ethnicity Two ~ the series

Ethnicity Three ~ the series

The artworks entitled “Ethnicity” have just been released in three series, entitled “Ethnicity One, Two and Three” respectively.  Each series had 24 works and each work is available as an edition of 5.  Each work is available in two sizes, specifically: 40cm x 60cm and 60cm x 80cm.  Regardless of size, each work will be strictly limited to an edition of 5 in total.  The works are black and white toned archival pigment prints on Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta paper. Matted and framed to museum standard.

As the title suggests, “Ethnicity” is intended as a figurative study of ethnic origin and interaction (not to be confused with “race”).  An interesting comparison of the difference between “ethnicity” and “race” can be found via the webpage entitled “Ethnicity vs. Race”. The three artwork series can each be viewed via the respective links: Ethnicity One, Ethnicity Two and Ethnicity Three.

Reunion ~ New Artwork Series

Reunion ~ the series

Reunion ~ the series

Reunion ~ the series

Keeping with the theme of recently announced works, “Reunion” has a focus on the intimacy of relationships within the gay and lesbian community, whilst retaining a strong element of fantasy and imagination.  The full series can be viewed HERE

A series of 14 works, each available as a limited edition of 8 (+ 2 a.p.).  Large format Ultrachrome prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag (308 g/m2). Average measurement (depending on artwork) is 140 cm x 100 cm (47.24″ x 39.37″).  Signed, numbered and dated verso by the artist, with Certificate of Authenticity provided.

The series is available via selective representatives, please e-mail me for additional information.

New Artwork Series “Mafia Bride” Now Available!

Mafia Bride ~ The Series

Mafia Bride ~ The Series

Mafia Bride ~ The Series

Mafia Bride ~ The Series

Based upon the theme of same-sex marriage (with a twist!), “Mafia Bride” was originally shot as an editorial series, from which 50 images have now been made available as a large format limited edition series (5 +2 a.p.).

Archival pigment prints measuring 80cm x 60cm, matted behind Plexiglas and framed to buyers preference. Each print is signed, numbered and dated verso, with Certificate of Authentication from the artist.

To view the full series CLICK HERE .

Simply Safia ~ Revised and Revisited Editions

Simply Safia ~ Gaze

Simply Safia ~ Recline

Simply Safia Triple Set 6

Simply Safia Triple Set 12

The fine art series “Simply Safia”, dating back to 2007, has had all remaining editions revised, and is now proposed in two series, one individual series containing 15 works and the other termed as “Triple Series”, comprising 20 works, each with 3 images within the same mount.

The 15 individual artworks, are each available in a limited edition of 5 (+ 2 a.p.), whilst each of the “Triple Series” are available in a limited edition of only 3 (+ 2 a.p.).  Images within the “Triple Series” cannot be found in the individual series and vice-versa.

The artworks consist of  black and white toned archival prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag (308 g/m2), each mounted/framed to buyers preference. Each individual series prints measure 80 cm x 60 cm (31.5″ x 23.62″), whilst the triple series prints measure approximately 140 cm x 50 cm (55.12″ x 19.69″) including the printed passe-partout boarder (depending upon the format of the 3 images therein).

Each artwork is signed and dated on the rear and provided with Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity.

All 15 works from the “individual series” can be viewed HERE and the 20 works from the “triple series” HERE.

Both series are available internationally, both via my gallery representatives and directly from myself as the artist.  Please e-mail me for detailed information regarding pricing, availability, size, frame options, etc.

Artwork Updates


The Thinker

My artwork portfolios are currently in the process of audit and update, with some new series being made available during the process. Above are a couple of examples, with the full series viewable at the following links:-


The Thinker

Portfolio in the “Girl’s Gallery” at GQ.com


I’m proud to announce that I now have a small portfolio permanently on-line in the prestigious “Girl’s Galley” of GQ.com. You can visit by clicking here

Happy New Year !