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Past, Present and Future Art Projects


It’s been a busy past 12 months, with several projects completed, several in progress and numerous others in planning and development.  To give you an insight, below is an up-to-date summary:

Completed pending inaugurate exhibition:-

Le Tre Grazie (The Three Graces) – The first ever photographic portrayal of the three Daughters of Zeus, comprising a 32 artworks, a special limited edition monograph and a video artwork.

I Misteri di Venezia – A collection of 50 photographic artworks, also produced as a photo-book of 50 images, each with a corresponding poem.  Opening in Venice, Italy.

Milk Maid – A series of photographic artworks, focused on Female Adult Lactation in all of it’s forms

In progress:-

Awareness in Manhattan – A photographic project consisting of a series of lenticular prints.  Opening in NYC and dedicated to aiding breast cancer research and awareness.

Wine Art – A glass sculpture project, based upon a limited series of hand-crafted wine bottles, combining glass sculpture, photographic art and wine.

Imagine ~ People In Peril – A body of photographic works, themed on the plight of human trafficking.  Opening in NYC and dedicated to aiding SISHA (www.sisha.org)

Chinese Mythology – A body of work inspired and themed by ancient Chinese mythological tales. Opening and cause as yet undecided.

Variations – A body of work inspired by paintings by several of the grand masters, including Klimt, Schielle, Courbet, Goya, etc.).  Opening and cause as yet undecided.


Life Before Death – A mixed-media project based upon the social condition  Opening in NYC and dedicated to the micro-financing of social welfare needs in NYC.

The Pillow Book –  A photographic portrayal of the original book of observations and musings recorded by Sei Shonagon during her time as court lady to Empress Consort Teishi.  Opening in Tokyo and dedicated to aiding 24 Hour Television: “Love Saves the Earth”.

Kisaeng – A photographic book project based upon the officially sanctioned Korean female courtesans.  Opening in Seoul, Korea and dedicated to aiding abused women in Korea. 

The Woman Within – A body of photographic works themed on Islamic women’s rights. Opening in London, U.K. and dedicated to aiding The Honor Diaries.

Infinite Harmony – A large scale inter-active public sculpture project encompassing the U.K., Russia and The People’s Republic of China.

Propaganda ~ Inauguration and Exhibition at Taiwan Photo

On 4th October 2012 my artwork series “Propaganda” was inaugurated at the VIP preview of Taiwan Photo, staged in Taipei, Taiwan.  Photographs of the inauguration can be seen via this link and additional photographs of the Taiwan Photo Art Fair can be viewed via this link, both of which are albums shown on my official Facebook page.  The series consists of 12 artworks, each depicting a nude figure (6 female and 6 male), upon which propaganda posters of the period in question have been super-imposed.  Each figure is depicted against a representational back-ground of photographic/graphic origin.  Each artwork is available as an edition of 4. Measuring approximately 100cm on the longest edge (depending upon the artwork in question).  Specific details are shown on the image above.

The series is a unique way of presenting the influential imagery and messages used by the government to influence the thinking and mind-set  of the population of the People’s Republic of China during the respective periods.  A full explanation of the series in the form of PDF documents, can be found via these links: Propaganda (English) and Propaganda (Chinese).

Subsequent to Taiwan Photo, the artworks will exhibit be the subject of gallery exhibitions in Taiwan, and subsequently at public Museums in both Taiwan and Mainland China.  The series will also be exhibited at selective gallery venues in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The full series can be viewed in high-resolution HERE.


Dating back to November 2011, my work could be found at the 22nd edition of the contemporary art fair “ArtePadova”, held at Padova, Italy.  Shown on the stand of my representing gallery “Galleria Massella” which is located in Verona, Italy.  See relevant documentation hereunder:

ArtePadova 2011 Under 5000 invito vernice-1

Arte Fatto

Dating back to October 2011, my work was shown in a collective exhibition in Verona, Italy, organised via my representing gallery, Galleria Massella.

Art Erotica – Cork Street, London 19th – 27th January 2012

Erotic art has a long and distinguished, if controversial, tradition in the history of modern art. Arguably, eroticism in art brings us closer to our humanity, yet there are few genres in the arts that have been as under-represented and unjustly maligned as expressions of what we, in all our rich diversity, find erotic.

Art Erotica is a new event in the London art calendar that will present a long- overdue, high-profile opportunity to exhibit for artists producing work in the erotic genre. Brought to you by the organizers of the Cork Street Open Exhibition – a respected international event, founded four years ago – Art Erotica will benefit a selected charity and will be juried, with submitted work carefully and rigorously chosen for exhibition by a panel drawn from leading figures in the UK art world.

The diverse Exhibition will span most mediums, including painting, photography, digital art, sculpture, drawing, mixed media construction and original prints by emerging and established artists from around the world. Photographs by American photographer James Armstrong, and drawings by internationally acclaimed artist Jamil Nasqh, will be shown for the first time.

In addition to spectacular visual art we are happy to present talks and public readings by a stellar line-up of art historians, critics, philosophers and actors, all focused on the erotic theme.

We invite you to join us in January to explore, discover and discuss Art Erotica. The full events programme can be downloaded HERE

Information and Tickets: Web: www.ArtEroticaExhibition.co.uk – Email: info@ArtEroticaExhibition.co.uk

I have two artworks short-listed for this event, which are the following:-


Size: 98cm High x 128cm Wide
Medium: Archival Pigment Print Photograph on Hahnemühle Bamboo.

The piece entered is No. 4 of 4. There are 4 Available.

Full info: HERE

Inversion, Pervsion

Medium: Archival Pigment Print Photograph on Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Size: 68cm High x 88cm Wide

The piece entered is No. 2 of 5 There are 4 Available.

Full info: HERE

For additional information please feel free to e-mail me directly.

Foto-Verona, dream or reality?

Without any doubt whatsoever, Italy is far behind numerous other European Countries when it comes to the subject of photographic art.  The culture in Italy is such that contemporary arts in general lag behind, compared to the likes of U.K. France, Germany and Spain (to name but a few).  However, when we talk of photographic art, the situation is much worse, with photography generally not being perceived as an artform by most members of the Italian public.

There are many reasons for this, not least of all education at an early age, and of course culture as a whole, with fine arts in Italy being very  focused on historic tradition and the grand masters.  This however, is something that the Country would like to change, and efforts are being made to some extent, and art galleries specialising in Fine Art Photography can be found, albeit limited in number.  There is also also the Centre for International Photography (FORMA) based in Milan, which one could generally consider as comparable to the International Centre of Photography (ICP) in New York City.

This is a situation that to some extent also exists in Japan, although this said, Japanese people are huge fans of photography, simply once again, it has been slow to find recognition as an artform.  That is why the Tokyo Photo art fair, first launched in September 2009, was a major step forward in this domain, and despite some difficulty in finding financial support for the initial show, the 2010 show has gone on to be a major international success.

It is my belief that Italy would benefit greatly from hosting its own international photographic art fair and that such a show could and would prove to be a major success.  With this in-mind, I am developing a collaborative association between my one Company “Expo?Art”, and local Italian partners, with a view of establishing and hosting the very first “Fiera Internazionale  d’Arte Fotografica” in Verona, Italy.  Whilst at first glance Verona may not seem like an obvious choice, geographically it is excellently situated, sitting at approximately the half-way point between Milan and Venice, and with the advantage that the city itself is rich in culture and historical interest, notably the house and tomb of Juliet, from which Shakespeare’s famous play is derived.  Aside from this, Verona also benefits from the presence of the Scavi Scaligeri International Photography Museum, which is uniquely housed underground, amidst the remains of Roman stone roads and mosaic floors.

At this juncture, much depends upon the vision and support of the Regione del Veneto, but already a suitable venue has been identified, situated very near to the Verona Exhibition Centre, all within easy reach of Verona’s international airport.

This project is still in the early stages at this moment, but is evolving quickly, so watch this space for further updates. Additionally, feel free to comment here-under, as your input is greatly appreciated, especially if you happen to be an art gallery specialising in photography, and even more so if you habitually participate in the numerous international art fairs. Alternatively, if you would like to e-mail me directly, please feel free to do so.

Solo Exhibition ~ Verona, Italy.



I’m pleased to announce that I have a solo exhibition which is a retrospect of my two award winning artwork series “Romantica” and “Wrapped”.  Opening tomorrow in the Valpolicella town of Lugagnano di Sona (Verona) Italy. Curated by Marino Pinali in association with Galleria Massella, Verona, Italy. Click HERE for additional information in English and HERE for additional information in Italian.

The show will run from 18th February 2011 until the 31st March 2011, with the official inauguration at 6 p.m. Friday, 18th February 2011 (invitation herein-above).  Staged to the music of Italian musician and singer Chantal Bortino accompanied on piano by Russian musician Elena Bruk (Click HERE to read the biographies of both of the latter).

Propaganda ~ the next in series . . .


(1972-1976) China as Paradise

(1977-1997) Modernization

The artwork series “Propaganda” undertaken in joint collaboration with Canadian graphic artist Anthony Yang, has taken its next stage forward, with the completion of the second in the series of 12 artworks.  The series is scheduled for completion by year-end 2011, and will exhibit in 2012, with an anticipated public showing in both China and Taiwan, before exhibiting internationally.

The complete series consists of six female and six male nude figures, each with propaganda posters from a specific period in Chinese history, graphically overlaid onto the model’s bodies.  Each figure is set against its own individual background.  The nude is representational of a blank sheet of paper, an open-mind, filled by the writings and influences of the propaganda of the period in question.

Full information on the project can be found via the previous blog post, which can be accessed via the following link: http://photoconception.com/blog/?p=173E

PRESS RELEASE: Awareness in Manhattan

Awareness in Manhattan

For Immediate Release:
Manhattan, NY 18 December, 2010

Awareness in Manhattan (AIM) is an exhibition series featuring 30 large format limited edition artworks by famed photographic artist Thomas Hodges. The series will debut in 2011 at a prime Manhattan venue, with a V.I.P reception highlighted by an auction of the first editions of these unique specially produced artworks. Celebrity guest are expected to attend the exhibition, with full event details to be announced later this year.

Hodges is known for his “Imaginistic” photographs of female beauty, which are sought after by collectors globally. Attendees will experience firsthand his award winning work, which has been described as, “sensuality with suspense”.

Thomas said: “The objective of the series is to bring the subject of breast cancer prevention to the focus of a sector of the community that is frequently overlooked, i.e. the younger, hip, chic and trendy, that may feel beyond the disease and immune. Also, focus will be on the traditional sector of the community, whereby the very nature of this series grabs their attention, bringing a general awareness to society as a whole.”
One of the aims of the project is to help raise awareness of cancer prevention in the community and target those unaware of the relatively simple choices they can make in reducing their cancer risk.

Inaugurate exhibitions will take place in New York City and London with 50 per cent of proceeds donated to World Cancer Research Fund, a UK charity which is a member of a global network of charities who fund scientific research and give people the information they need to reduce cancer risk. A commemorative book is anticipated to complement the exhibition, with any proceeds also going to the cancer charity.

The Awareness in Manhattan exhibition will contain photos shot on the streets of New York City featuring international top model and actress Chu Chiao Wang, who kindly donated her services to this project. She has lived and worked in Europe since 2005 when she moved to London to study for her Master’s degree. “As a professional model it is a great artistic opportunity to work with someone like Thomas whose work I really admire. I am also pleased that the money raised will go towards cancer prevention research, which is something that is close to my heart.”

For sponsorship and additional information about the series, please contact Dee Doanes, Jigsaw Business Communications and Marketing, at: jsawmarketing@gmail.com.

To down-load the official Press Release CLICK HERE.

Gesamtheit by Night ! – Berlin

My work is still on display in Berlin, located at 5. Greifswalder Str. / Erich-Weinert-Str.

Gesamtheit by night, even more spectacular than Gesamtheit by day !

The work will soon be available as a Limited Series Artwork, via my representative in Germany. Contact me for details.