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Artwork Info

the official website of photographic artist Thomas Hodges

The artworks page of my website has been recently updated, to incorporate an information link immediately beneath the thumbnail of the artwork series.  That link will take you to the blog posting of the series in question, wherein you will find full details and information on that specific artwork series.

My artworks are currently undergoing an inventory check and update, so some of the links are as yet not live, but all will be updated during the course of the coming weeks.  Earlier series that have not be featured previously on my blog, will of course now be featured, so effectively, this blog will become the principal source of information for all artworks I produce.

I have numerous new artworks series pending release, so watch-out also as they are listed both here and on my official website (the link to which is now shown to the right of this post).

I believe this change will facilitate my artwork collectors (both existing a future) by providing them with an immediate source of information on all of my artworks, both technical and inspirational.  Of course, prices are not given, but are available immediately upon request.  Kindly note that I do not sell my artworks directly, as in loyalty to my agents, dealers and representing galleries, all purchase enquiries are communicated to a representative.  The only exception to this is in regard to benefit sales and the like, which are administered on a case-by-case basis.

Enjoy my work and thank you for your continued support, which as a full-time professional artist, is greatly appreciated!

Vintage in Paris ~ 2011 Official CC Wang Calendar

The official CC Wang calendar entitled “Vintage in Paris”, is now available for purchase (click on the image above for full information, to preview).  The calendar features 13 images shot by myself on location in Paris, France.  CC is seen dressed (and undressed!) i original vintage designer clothing from the 1940s and 1950s.

This calendar will only be made available until year-end, and at the price, is a “must have” collectors item.  Check it out!

140 Hours Art Auction via Twitter

I currently have five artworks available for purchase via New York City based 140 Hours Art Auction, which sells uniquely via the platform of Twitter. 140 Hours are celebrating their 1st Anniversary, and I shall be continuing an ongoing association with them throughout 2011.

The five works that I currently have with them can be found HERE.  Opening bid prices are very competitive, so this is potentially a great opportunity to acquire one or more of my works at below market value!

Bloomsbury Auctions Photographs Dept. in New York

Back in 2008, one of the world’s leading auction houses Bloomsbury, launched a photographs department. Since that date, the department has gone from strength to strength, and along with their counter-parts Christie’s and Phillips de Pury, are considered as one of the leading experts in the field of photographic art. To read the original 2008 Press Release CLICK HERE.

Buying a Photograph ~ Guide to Collecting

For those new to the process of collecting photography, the Photographer’s Gallery in London has an interesting guide on the subject published on its website, which for simplicity, can be found HERE in PDF format.  This provides a quite basic insight, but is a useful guide for those with no prior experience or familiarity.

Nine Tips for Photography Collectors – ARTINFO.com

Nine Tips for Photography Collectors – ARTINFO.com.

How to Collect Photography ?

This is an interesting You Tube video that I came across, giving some tips on collecting photography:-