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Imaginism . . . Artwork Previews Via My Tumblr Blog

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 1.46.09 PM

Previews of artworks as yet not viewable on my official website can be found on my Tumblr blog, which is entitled “Imaginism” and can be found HERE.  For enquiries on any of the works in question, please don’t hesitate to email me at: contact@photoconception.com.

Changes In The Photographic Art Market

Cosplay from an edition of 5.

Cosplay from an edition of 5.

My latest article entitled “”Changes In The Photographic Art Market” can be found on the Art, Antiques and Luxury Design blog (AAD) via this link. Enjoy!

Editions: Yes or No?

Sunny Side Up


Seemingly, it is a contentious subject, but in reality it shouldn’t be!  My latest article for Art, Antiques and Luxury Design Blog as published on 12 July 2013 can be read HERE.

How Social Networks Are Dictating What Is Art!



Following-on from my earlier article which I published herein back in April 2013, I went on to write a further article for Art, Antiques and Luxury Design Blog, which was published by the latter in May 2013.  This is an important topic and your feed-back via commenting in the AAD blog is always welcome.  The full article can be read HERE.

Is The Camera Really Important?

Simply Safia ~ Gaze

Simply Safia

The above artwork was created with a very simple Casio compact camera, which begs the question “is the camera really important?”.  My article as published in Art, Antiques and Luxury Design Blog back in April of this year, addresses this question in quite some detail.  You can find the full article HERE

Censorship of the Arts

Cucumber Fetish ~ the series

Cucumber Fetish

Censorship of the arts remains a hot topic. My original article for Art, Antiques and Luxury Design Blog was published back on 30th January 2013. You can read the full article HERE.

What is Photographic Fine Art?

Bath With A View

Bath With A View

This article dates back to December 2012, but better late than never!  Written for Art, Antiques and Luxury Design Blog, you can read the full article HERE and feel free to comment via AAD.

Artwork Previews Now Available via Tumblr.com

I have just created a new Tumblr blog entitled “Imaginism”, wherein you will find previews of my as yet unreleased artworks. The link to this blog is: http://photoconception.tumblr.com/.

These same works can be viewed in my closed Facebook group of the same name, the link to which is: http://www.facebook.com/groups/imaginism/. If you are in my friends list, and would like to be added to my Imaginism Facebook group, please message me with the request.


Anne Enkes Sensuality Blog – AnneofCarversville.com

Anne Enke

The art series “Propaganda” is subject of a feature in Anne Enke’s highly popular Blog “Anne of Carversville”.  The full feature can be found via this link:-

China As Paradise | Thomas Hodges & Jason Ellis | Propaganda Series of 12 – 2 Anne Enkes Sensuality Blog – AnneofCarversville.com.

Artwork Info

the official website of photographic artist Thomas Hodges

The artworks page of my website has been recently updated, to incorporate an information link immediately beneath the thumbnail of the artwork series.  That link will take you to the blog posting of the series in question, wherein you will find full details and information on that specific artwork series.

My artworks are currently undergoing an inventory check and update, so some of the links are as yet not live, but all will be updated during the course of the coming weeks.  Earlier series that have not be featured previously on my blog, will of course now be featured, so effectively, this blog will become the principal source of information for all artworks I produce.

I have numerous new artworks series pending release, so watch-out also as they are listed both here and on my official website (the link to which is now shown to the right of this post).

I believe this change will facilitate my artwork collectors (both existing a future) by providing them with an immediate source of information on all of my artworks, both technical and inspirational.  Of course, prices are not given, but are available immediately upon request.  Kindly note that I do not sell my artworks directly, as in loyalty to my agents, dealers and representing galleries, all purchase enquiries are communicated to a representative.  The only exception to this is in regard to benefit sales and the like, which are administered on a case-by-case basis.

Enjoy my work and thank you for your continued support, which as a full-time professional artist, is greatly appreciated!