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Past, Present and Future Art Projects


It’s been a busy past 12 months, with several projects completed, several in progress and numerous others in planning and development.  To give you an insight, below is an up-to-date summary:

Completed pending inaugurate exhibition:-

Le Tre Grazie (The Three Graces) – The first ever photographic portrayal of the three Daughters of Zeus, comprising a 32 artworks, a special limited edition monograph and a video artwork.

I Misteri di Venezia – A collection of 50 photographic artworks, also produced as a photo-book of 50 images, each with a corresponding poem.  Opening in Venice, Italy.

Milk Maid – A series of photographic artworks, focused on Female Adult Lactation in all of it’s forms

In progress:-

Awareness in Manhattan – A photographic project consisting of a series of lenticular prints.  Opening in NYC and dedicated to aiding breast cancer research and awareness.

Wine Art – A glass sculpture project, based upon a limited series of hand-crafted wine bottles, combining glass sculpture, photographic art and wine.

Imagine ~ People In Peril – A body of photographic works, themed on the plight of human trafficking.  Opening in NYC and dedicated to aiding SISHA (www.sisha.org)

Chinese Mythology – A body of work inspired and themed by ancient Chinese mythological tales. Opening and cause as yet undecided.

Variations – A body of work inspired by paintings by several of the grand masters, including Klimt, Schielle, Courbet, Goya, etc.).  Opening and cause as yet undecided.


Life Before Death – A mixed-media project based upon the social condition  Opening in NYC and dedicated to the micro-financing of social welfare needs in NYC.

The Pillow Book –  A photographic portrayal of the original book of observations and musings recorded by Sei Shonagon during her time as court lady to Empress Consort Teishi.  Opening in Tokyo and dedicated to aiding 24 Hour Television: “Love Saves the Earth”.

Kisaeng – A photographic book project based upon the officially sanctioned Korean female courtesans.  Opening in Seoul, Korea and dedicated to aiding abused women in Korea. 

The Woman Within – A body of photographic works themed on Islamic women’s rights. Opening in London, U.K. and dedicated to aiding The Honor Diaries.

Infinite Harmony – A large scale inter-active public sculpture project encompassing the U.K., Russia and The People’s Republic of China.

In support of the Charity “Connection for Abused Women and their Children”

CC Wang in support of "National No Panties Day"

As per my earlier post on the subject of “National No Panties Day”, you can find full details of how to sponsor CC Wang in aid of the Charity “Connection for Abused Women and Children”, via her own BLOG POST.


National No Panties Day ~ all in a good cause!

CC Wang supports National No Panties Day

May 26th 2011 marks the second annual “National No Panties Day” (NNPD) ~ “A Bit Risqué for those at Risk!” All funds raised are in support of a charity for battered women and children.

Actress and model CC Wang is supporting this event, and on that day, she is planing a sponsored photo-shoot. She’s now seeking sponsors. In return for the sponsorship, she will do a full one day photo-shoot in a variety of “risqué” outdoor locations (and she says “feel free to make suggestions!”).

You will be able to donate directly to the charity in question, so no problem in making sure the monies reach the people who need it. She will post info on how to donate in due course.

The full portfolio will then be posted online, and all of my sponsors will receive a private link for where they can not only view the portfolio, but also download any of the high-resolution images for printing.

So, if you are interested to support this event, leave a comment to let me know and I’ll send you details of how to donate once they are available.  You can also check-out her Facebook page, where she will be posting additional information. You can also see a portfolio entitled “Inspirations for National No Panties Day”, just to give you an idea of what’s in store! By the way, all the images in that portfolio were shot be yours truly! 😉

Be generous, it’s all in a good cause :)

I Misteri di Venezia

I Misteri di Venezia ~ the series

I Misteri di Venezia ~ the series

I Misteri di Venezia ~ the series

I Misteri di Venezia is a unique series of fine art photographic works, produced in 2006.  There are a total of 50 works in the full series, all of which are to be published into a photographic book, which is scheduled for publication in 2012.  In the book, the images are printed along-side poems, with each poem inspired and written specifically to the image in question.  The entire series and the book publication have been produced as a Charitable effort, with proceeds benefiting the up-keep and maintenance of Venice, Italy.

Each of the 50 works in the total series, is available in a limited edition of 10 (+ 2 a.p.).  These are chromogenic prints, with 3mm dibond mounted to the rear.  Each print measures 50 cm (19.69″) x 40 cm (15.75″).  Each artwork is digitally signed recto and manually signed, numbered and dated verso.  A Certificate of Authenticity is provided.

The full series can be viewed HERE.  Available internationally via the artist’s representatives, please contact the artist for additional information.

Brigham Galleries Benefit Auction

Flip Flops

The Long Road Ahead

La Dune

Smiling Fish

The auction to benefit the Wildlife in the Gulf ends this coming Sunday (19th December) at 9pm. We’re all working together to promote the pieces I have in the auction so we can make a significant donation.  Great works at great prices, so please, take a look at what’s on offer (links here-under), and get in with a bid! Please share this link, this is a great cause!  Thank you :)

Flip Flops

The Long Road Ahead

La Dune

The Smiling Fish

PRESS RELEASE: Awareness in Manhattan

Awareness in Manhattan

For Immediate Release:
Manhattan, NY 18 December, 2010

Awareness in Manhattan (AIM) is an exhibition series featuring 30 large format limited edition artworks by famed photographic artist Thomas Hodges. The series will debut in 2011 at a prime Manhattan venue, with a V.I.P reception highlighted by an auction of the first editions of these unique specially produced artworks. Celebrity guest are expected to attend the exhibition, with full event details to be announced later this year.

Hodges is known for his “Imaginistic” photographs of female beauty, which are sought after by collectors globally. Attendees will experience firsthand his award winning work, which has been described as, “sensuality with suspense”.

Thomas said: “The objective of the series is to bring the subject of breast cancer prevention to the focus of a sector of the community that is frequently overlooked, i.e. the younger, hip, chic and trendy, that may feel beyond the disease and immune. Also, focus will be on the traditional sector of the community, whereby the very nature of this series grabs their attention, bringing a general awareness to society as a whole.”
One of the aims of the project is to help raise awareness of cancer prevention in the community and target those unaware of the relatively simple choices they can make in reducing their cancer risk.

Inaugurate exhibitions will take place in New York City and London with 50 per cent of proceeds donated to World Cancer Research Fund, a UK charity which is a member of a global network of charities who fund scientific research and give people the information they need to reduce cancer risk. A commemorative book is anticipated to complement the exhibition, with any proceeds also going to the cancer charity.

The Awareness in Manhattan exhibition will contain photos shot on the streets of New York City featuring international top model and actress Chu Chiao Wang, who kindly donated her services to this project. She has lived and worked in Europe since 2005 when she moved to London to study for her Master’s degree. “As a professional model it is a great artistic opportunity to work with someone like Thomas whose work I really admire. I am also pleased that the money raised will go towards cancer prevention research, which is something that is close to my heart.”

For sponsorship and additional information about the series, please contact Dee Doanes, Jigsaw Business Communications and Marketing, at: jsawmarketing@gmail.com.

To down-load the official Press Release CLICK HERE.

Art for L’Aquila – London

I am exhibiting one of my works at the Italian Cultural Institute in London, opening on the 29th June and closing on the 3rd July. The highlight of the event is an auction of the works, conducted by Bloomsbury Auctions on the evening of the 2nd July.

Aside from many international artists that have donated artworks to the event, there are also donations from a small group of local emerging artists, originating from Aquila and the Abrusso region.

If anybody would like to attend the auction event, below is the invitation. Please be sure to RSVP as referenced on the invitation.

The Poster Show – New York City

The Poster Show was held in New York City on the 27th April 2009. The posters were sold in silent auction, and 100% of proceeds were donated to the Memorial Foundation’s Breast Cancer Center in efforts to raise cancer awareness in young women.

The show, created by longtime Soffer Collective art director Manny Prieres, features work by Perez, Whitney Biennial Winner Bert Rodriguez, myself and many others. To read the full Press Release CLICK HERE.

poster show ny