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Past, Present and Future Art Projects


It’s been a busy past 12 months, with several projects completed, several in progress and numerous others in planning and development.  To give you an insight, below is an up-to-date summary:

Completed pending inaugurate exhibition:-

Le Tre Grazie (The Three Graces) – The first ever photographic portrayal of the three Daughters of Zeus, comprising a 32 artworks, a special limited edition monograph and a video artwork.

I Misteri di Venezia – A collection of 50 photographic artworks, also produced as a photo-book of 50 images, each with a corresponding poem.  Opening in Venice, Italy.

Milk Maid – A series of photographic artworks, focused on Female Adult Lactation in all of it’s forms

In progress:-

Awareness in Manhattan – A photographic project consisting of a series of lenticular prints.  Opening in NYC and dedicated to aiding breast cancer research and awareness.

Wine Art – A glass sculpture project, based upon a limited series of hand-crafted wine bottles, combining glass sculpture, photographic art and wine.

Imagine ~ People In Peril – A body of photographic works, themed on the plight of human trafficking.  Opening in NYC and dedicated to aiding SISHA (www.sisha.org)

Chinese Mythology – A body of work inspired and themed by ancient Chinese mythological tales. Opening and cause as yet undecided.

Variations – A body of work inspired by paintings by several of the grand masters, including Klimt, Schielle, Courbet, Goya, etc.).  Opening and cause as yet undecided.


Life Before Death – A mixed-media project based upon the social condition  Opening in NYC and dedicated to the micro-financing of social welfare needs in NYC.

The Pillow Book –  A photographic portrayal of the original book of observations and musings recorded by Sei Shonagon during her time as court lady to Empress Consort Teishi.  Opening in Tokyo and dedicated to aiding 24 Hour Television: “Love Saves the Earth”.

Kisaeng – A photographic book project based upon the officially sanctioned Korean female courtesans.  Opening in Seoul, Korea and dedicated to aiding abused women in Korea. 

The Woman Within – A body of photographic works themed on Islamic women’s rights. Opening in London, U.K. and dedicated to aiding The Honor Diaries.

Infinite Harmony – A large scale inter-active public sculpture project encompassing the U.K., Russia and The People’s Republic of China.

Evolution or Devolution?


When it come to erotic art, it is very apparent that the world, as opposed to advancing in mentality, has significantly receded. This recent article published in “The Times of Israel” bears witness to this fact: READ HERE

This is presumably not least of all due to the influence of modern day religion (and by modern day I am referring to everything within this past 2000 years or so) who teach that everything pertaining to sexuality or even simple nudity, is evil or dirty. In-fact, if one were to follow the teachings of modern day religion, it’s amazing there are any people!

Facebook themselves are a perfect example of draconian mentality when it comes to such subject matter.

Not so the case with the world’s ancient cultures, who not only embraced nudity and sexuality, but in many cases also worshipped it, especially in an artistic context.

So much for evolution, it seems to me that the modern world is in “devolution” when it comes to this subject!

Myself excluded of course, as is demonstrated by some of my more controversial works, such as the following (ATTENTION, NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK IF BEING VIEWED IN 2014, BUT PERFECTLY OK IN 2000BC AND BEFORE!).











I’m pleased to be participating in this year’s World of Fashion event, which is integral to Rome’s Alta Moda fashion week. My work “Nishikigoi” will be showing as a unique 5 mt. x 5 mt. backdrop, in addition to it being the first time that this work has shown in Europe.

Chez Claude . . .

P1040853 P1040909


The editorial series “Chez Claude” shot back in 2006, consists of 140 images destined for book publication (details will be provided in due course). However, the entire series is also being made available as limited edition artworks, each available as an edition of 5 (+2 AP).

Archival black and white pigment prints on Baryta paper. Standard print dimensions are 60cm x 40cm (24” x 16”). Both larger or smaller print sizes are available upon request. Regardless of print size, the number of editions of each image will be strictly limited to 5. Each print is signed, dated and numbered verso and issued with Certificate of Authentication signed by the artist. Available through selective representatives globally (contact me for specific enquiries).

The entire series of 140 images can be viewed HERE (displayed using the recently updated HTML presentation, now viewable on any platform).

Fine Art Photograpy vs. Commercial Photography

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 9.59.25 AM

My latest article entitled “Fine Art Photography vs. Commercial Photography” has just been published on the AAD blog.  You can find the full article HERE.

Workshop – Erotic Photography As A Fine Art


I am pleased to announce that in collaboration with Expo-Arts Global Foundation, I will be hosting a second workshop (the details of the other can be read in the previous blog post), which is a 3 day event, again in the region of Puglia, Italy, but in this case covering the subject matter ”Erotic Photography As A Fine Art”. The workshop will run from 4th to 6th October 2013.

As with the other event, we are offering an all inclusive residential package 3 nights accommodation in a typical Pugliese Masseria (farm house), and will include all food and beverage, enabling the participants to indulge in the gastronomic delights of the region (including the wines).

Full details of the package can be found in the detailed brochure, which can be viewed and downloaded via this link: EPAAFA_pugliaKindly note, as stated on the first page, the content of the brochure is intended for adults only.

As with the other workshop, this event was also originally scheduled for August, but due to severe limitations on accommodation, we have in this case rescheduled for October, as per the dates above.

Imaginism . . . Artwork Previews Via My Tumblr Blog

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 1.46.09 PM

Previews of artworks as yet not viewable on my official website can be found on my Tumblr blog, which is entitled “Imaginism” and can be found HERE.  For enquiries on any of the works in question, please don’t hesitate to email me at: contact@photoconception.com.

How Social Networks Are Dictating What Is Art!



Following-on from my earlier article which I published herein back in April 2013, I went on to write a further article for Art, Antiques and Luxury Design Blog, which was published by the latter in May 2013.  This is an important topic and your feed-back via commenting in the AAD blog is always welcome.  The full article can be read HERE.

Is The Camera Really Important?

Simply Safia ~ Gaze

Simply Safia

The above artwork was created with a very simple Casio compact camera, which begs the question “is the camera really important?”.  My article as published in Art, Antiques and Luxury Design Blog back in April of this year, addresses this question in quite some detail.  You can find the full article HERE

Censorship of the Arts

Cucumber Fetish ~ the series

Cucumber Fetish

Censorship of the arts remains a hot topic. My original article for Art, Antiques and Luxury Design Blog was published back on 30th January 2013. You can read the full article HERE.