Bold & Blond

Bold & Blond ~ the series

Bold & Blond ~ the series

“Bold & Blond”, is a kind of erotic pop-art, influenced by the 1970’s art scene.  Highly erotic, heavily saturated, surreal in feel and form. Almost aggressive sexuality, yet begging the question of who, why and where? An inherent mystery, boldly depicting female sexuality. Unreal, yet real in form and context.  Very bold & very blond, with an intention to arouse and intimidate. An exhibition of the strength of female sexuality!

A series of 18 artworks, each available in a limited edition of 6. Archival pigment prints, each measuring 100 cm x 80 cm (39.37″ x 31.50″).  Dry mounted and framed behind glass to the client’s preference.

The full series of 18 artworks can be viewed HERE. Available internationally via selective representatives. Please contact me for additional information.

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