National No Panties Day ~ all in a good cause!

CC Wang supports National No Panties Day

May 26th 2011 marks the second annual “National No Panties Day” (NNPD) ~ “A Bit Risqué for those at Risk!” All funds raised are in support of a charity for battered women and children.

Actress and model CC Wang is supporting this event, and on that day, she is planing a sponsored photo-shoot. She’s now seeking sponsors. In return for the sponsorship, she will do a full one day photo-shoot in a variety of “risqué” outdoor locations (and she says “feel free to make suggestions!”).

You will be able to donate directly to the charity in question, so no problem in making sure the monies reach the people who need it. She will post info on how to donate in due course.

The full portfolio will then be posted online, and all of my sponsors will receive a private link for where they can not only view the portfolio, but also download any of the high-resolution images for printing.

So, if you are interested to support this event, leave a comment to let me know and I’ll send you details of how to donate once they are available.  You can also check-out her Facebook page, where she will be posting additional information. You can also see a portfolio entitled “Inspirations for National No Panties Day”, just to give you an idea of what’s in store! By the way, all the images in that portfolio were shot be yours truly! 😉

Be generous, it’s all in a good cause :)

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