Solo Exhibition ~ Verona, Italy.



I’m pleased to announce that I have a solo exhibition which is a retrospect of my two award winning artwork series “Romantica” and “Wrapped”.  Opening tomorrow in the Valpolicella town of Lugagnano di Sona (Verona) Italy. Curated by Marino Pinali in association with Galleria Massella, Verona, Italy. Click HERE for additional information in English and HERE for additional information in Italian.

The show will run from 18th February 2011 until the 31st March 2011, with the official inauguration at 6 p.m. Friday, 18th February 2011 (invitation herein-above).  Staged to the music of Italian musician and singer Chantal Bortino accompanied on piano by Russian musician Elena Bruk (Click HERE to read the biographies of both of the latter).

  1. Congratulations and wish I could be there!

    Enjoy andcontinued success your way Thomas

    Best Mik :smile:

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