“Propaganda” ~ A collaborative exhibition series with Anthony Yang

The theme of this series is “Chinese Political Posters”, and consists of twelve works, each depicting a nude model (six male and six female), to which posters from a specific period in Chinese cultural history are digitally grafted onto the model’s bodies. The nude model is symbolic to neutral prejudice; a blank sheet of paper, influenced only by the images and slogans depicted within the posters, to which he/she is/has been subjected.

The full series is currently in the process of production, but once completed, will be exhibited internationally. The full synopsis on the series, including the history of Chinese political posters, can be downloaded here: propaganda.

  1. I am so proud of you, go go go Taiwan girl

  2. Beautiful shot CC! Saw this sometime ago on b-uncut. Love it!
    p.s. heart to your new addition ;.)
    xo mei 😀

  3. oh. corrected website address :)

    xo Mei :smile:

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