Evolution or Devolution?


When it come to erotic art, it is very apparent that the world, as opposed to advancing in mentality, has significantly receded. This recent article published in “The Times of Israel” bears witness to this fact: READ HERE

This is presumably not least of all due to the influence of modern day religion (and by modern day I am referring to everything within this past 2000 years or so) who teach that everything pertaining to sexuality or even simple nudity, is evil or dirty. In-fact, if one were to follow the teachings of modern day religion, it’s amazing there are any people!

Facebook themselves are a perfect example of draconian mentality when it comes to such subject matter.

Not so the case with the world’s ancient cultures, who not only embraced nudity and sexuality, but in many cases also worshipped it, especially in an artistic context.

So much for evolution, it seems to me that the modern world is in “devolution” when it comes to this subject!

Myself excluded of course, as is demonstrated by some of my more controversial works, such as the following (ATTENTION, NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK IF BEING VIEWED IN 2014, BUT PERFECTLY OK IN 2000BC AND BEFORE!).








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