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Photoconception ~ the official website of photographic artist Thomas Hodges

Photoconception ~ the official website of photographic artist Thomas Hodges

Updating my official website “PhotoConception” is long overdue and something that I having been trying to get to for far to long!  Finally, I’m moving forward, and one of the first priorities has been the progressive conversion of all existing artwork presentations from Flash to to a new HTML design. This is particularly significant to IOS users (like myself!), who are unable to view Flash on IOS. With the ever increasing use of tablets and other hand-held devices, compatibility across all platforms is essential. You can take a look at my series China Doll  as an example of the new HTML presentation, and like I say, updating of the others is in progress.

My new HTML artwork presentations now enable you to view all my works on any device. It’s a progressive process, starting firstly with the replacement of all existing presentations and then with the updating of my artworks page in general, which will during these coming weeks, be extensively updated with numerous bodies of working spanning across this past seven years.

I have a vast selection of artworks that currently can not be seen on my website but are nonetheless available internationally through my network of representing galleries and dealers. A number of these works can be found on my Tumblr blog, which serves in parallel to bring you snippets of new work, both artworks and editorial works destined for book publications. However, during these coming weeks this situation will be changed and once again, my official website will be the main source of reference.

All artwork posts on shown my website have information links which integrate with this my official blog, wherein you will find detailed information on the artwork series in question.

I hope you find these changes helpful in enabling you to view my works on any device from any location. Enjoy!


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