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Ethnicity One ~ the series

Ethnicity One ~ the series

Ethnicity Two ~ the series

Ethnicity Three ~ the series

The artworks entitled “Ethnicity” have just been released in three series, entitled “Ethnicity One, Two and Three” respectively.  Each series had 24 works and each work is available as an edition of 5.  Each work is available in two sizes, specifically: 40cm x 60cm and 60cm x 80cm.  Regardless of size, each work will be strictly limited to an edition of 5 in total.  The works are black and white toned archival pigment prints on Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta paper. Matted and framed to museum standard.

As the title suggests, “Ethnicity” is intended as a figurative study of ethnic origin and interaction (not to be confused with “race”).  An interesting comparison of the difference between “ethnicity” and “race” can be found via the webpage entitled “Ethnicity vs. Race”. The three artwork series can each be viewed via the respective links: Ethnicity One, Ethnicity Two and Ethnicity Three.

Propaganda ~ Inauguration and Exhibition at Taiwan Photo

On 4th October 2012 my artwork series “Propaganda” was inaugurated at the VIP preview of Taiwan Photo, staged in Taipei, Taiwan.  Photographs of the inauguration can be seen via this link and additional photographs of the Taiwan Photo Art Fair can be viewed via this link, both of which are albums shown on my official Facebook page.  The series consists of 12 artworks, each depicting a nude figure (6 female and 6 male), upon which propaganda posters of the period in question have been super-imposed.  Each figure is depicted against a representational back-ground of photographic/graphic origin.  Each artwork is available as an edition of 4. Measuring approximately 100cm on the longest edge (depending upon the artwork in question).  Specific details are shown on the image above.

The series is a unique way of presenting the influential imagery and messages used by the government to influence the thinking and mind-set  of the population of the People’s Republic of China during the respective periods.  A full explanation of the series in the form of PDF documents, can be found via these links: Propaganda (English) and Propaganda (Chinese).

Subsequent to Taiwan Photo, the artworks will exhibit be the subject of gallery exhibitions in Taiwan, and subsequently at public Museums in both Taiwan and Mainland China.  The series will also be exhibited at selective gallery venues in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The full series can be viewed in high-resolution HERE.

Propaganda Inauguration at Taiwan Photo 2012

Propaganda ~ Signing of the First Editions

Propaganda ~ Signing of the First Editions

Propaganda ~ The Artwork Series

My long awaited artwork series “Propaganda” will inaugurate on the 4th October 2012 at the VIP preview of Taiwan Photo.  Taiwan Photo is the country’s only international photographic art fair, and opens to the public the 5th October 2012 through to the evening of 10th October.  The fair is only in its second year of existence, but has received significant patronage with major international galleries notably from Japan and Europe, participating along-side local Taiwan and Mainland Chinese exhibitors.

Propaganda is one of two featured solo exhibitions, organised by representing gallery 1839 Contemporary Gallery.  Propaganda will subsequently feature as a solo exhibition in 1839 CG, and is also scheduled  for public exhibition in major museum venues in both Taiwan and Mainland China.

Detailed information on the artwork series and the history of Chinese propaganda posters in general, can be read HERE (in English) or HERE (in Chinese)