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In the photos above, my artwork “Nishikigoi” can be seen hanging in the entrance lobby of Nan Gallery, Taipei. The first Western artist to exhibit at the gallery, which was one of the first in Taiwan, founded 30 years ago.  The work is currently with Der-Horng Gallery (, my representing gallery in Tainan.

The word koi comes from Japanese, simply meaning “carp”. It includes both the dull grey fish and the brightly colored varieties. What are known as koi in English are referred to more specifically as nishikigoi in Japan (literally meaning “brocaded carp”). In Japanese, koi is a homophone for another word that means “affection” or “love”; koi are, therefore, symbols of love and friendship in Japan. An example of this can be seen in the short story by Mukoda Kuniko, “Koi-san”. The koi is also an often recurring symbol in Irezumi, the Japanese art of traditional tattooing.

The work in question is a photographic pigment print on hand-made cotton based fine-art paper. It comes from a series of four artworks, which are the first of new works produced under my Chinese name, with a specific focus on East Asia. It bears my official chop (seal) on the front lower right side and is signed, numbered and dated verso. Framed in wood behind plexiglas, and bordered in Chinese gold brocade, woven from 24 carat pure gold. The work is a limited edition of 3 (+1 a.p.), and measures 180cm x 125cm (framed size). The full series of four artworks can be viewed on my official website via this link.

FVM Global Magazine

FVM ~ May 2012

FVM Global is essentially an online fashion magazine based out of Los Angeles.  The current (May 2012) edition features one of my artworks from my series “Romantica”, on the front cover of the magazine, and inside the edition you will find an in-depth interview with myself, together with a gallery of an assortment of my artworks.  The article in question from the May edition of the magazine can be found HERE.


SQUIDWHO ~ The People’s Who Who

Perhaps you have never heard of “Squid Who”, because until recently I hadn’t either.  However, one of the followers of my work, who herself is a talented artist, has created an entry for myself, which can be found HERE.  The entries are updated on a regular basis and it’s quite interesting for me to see somebody’s perspective on their presentation of a wide cross-section of my works.

Met-Art Covers

"Yangtze" Cover 2010

"Wang" Cover 2007

Despite the fact that I hold a contract with the globally renowned nude art magazine “Met-Art”, I rarely contribute to them.  However in November 2010 (following on from my 2007 cover), my second cover was published, this time entitled “Yangtze”.  A search of my name via the Met-Art website will provide you more information and sample images from the two series in question.


Dating back to November 2011, my work could be found at the 22nd edition of the contemporary art fair “ArtePadova”, held at Padova, Italy.  Shown on the stand of my representing gallery “Galleria Massella” which is located in Verona, Italy.  See relevant documentation hereunder:

ArtePadova 2011 Under 5000 invito vernice-1

Arte Fatto

Dating back to October 2011, my work was shown in a collective exhibition in Verona, Italy, organised via my representing gallery, Galleria Massella.