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Art for L’Aquila – London

I am exhibiting one of my works at the Italian Cultural Institute in London, opening on the 29th June and closing on the 3rd July. The highlight of the event is an auction of the works, conducted by Bloomsbury Auctions on the evening of the 2nd July.

Aside from many international artists that have donated artworks to the event, there are also donations from a small group of local emerging artists, originating from Aquila and the Abrusso region.

If anybody would like to attend the auction event, below is the invitation. Please be sure to RSVP as referenced on the invitation.

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Thomas Hodges
Thomas Hodges
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Gesamtheit by Night ! – Berlin

My work is still on display in Berlin, located at 5. Greifswalder Str. / Erich-Weinert-Str.

Gesamtheit by night, even more spectacular than Gesamtheit by day !

The work will soon be available as a Limited Series Artwork, via my representative in Germany. Contact me for details.

Art Taipei 2008 ?????????

Art Taipei is perhaps the most important art exhibition in Asia, and one that I am planning to exhibit at later this year.

Thomas – Content Update content

My recently launched commercial website has had an extensive update of the content, and now contains a vast assortment of my fashion and beauty portfolios, much of which has been shot for editorial purposes. CLICK HERE to view the site.

The Artist’s Diary at b-Uncut

artists diary

I am very pleased to announce the publication of “The Artist’s Diary”, which is now available for purchase. You will find two of my works included in the diary, namely “Mystery” and “Exotic Erotic”. Not only is this publication a wonderful compilation of inspired art from an international assortment of equally inspired and talented artists, but I believe it will be a great investment in the long-term. To review/purchase, CLICK HERE.

The Artists Diary is an annual collection of the ambitious and talented works of the contemporary artists who make up It is an opportunity for us to share our art in the physical world. started in late 2007 as an online community of like-minded, emerging and contemporary artists led by Philip Letts, Innovation Artist and abstract photographer, as a way to free themselves from the confines of the legacy art marketplace. A marketplace where all too often galleries and auction houses act as choke points rather than facilitators. Initially b-uncut provided artists with a virtual studio, online community and social media platform. It is now a powerful new art marketplace.

New Exhibition Series – Wrapped

wrapped 1

My latest exhibition series consisting of 12 artworks and entitled “Wrapped” can now be viewed at my website CLICK HERE. The theme of the series is “Dead or Alive”, which is the first question usually posed when viewed for the first time in person. The series was announced and viewed for the first time at the Art Show 2009, staged during the Film Festival in Cannes. All images in the series measure 80 cms x 60 cms.

Each image is available as a limited edition of five, with one of the five available uniquely printed on Kodak Duratrans, surface mounted to 4mm Plexiglas (Diasec) and displayed against the very latest state-of-the-art LED illuminated whiteboard, housed within an all aluminium casing and frame (as seen here-under).

wrapped 2

Berlin Poster Exhibition

My poster in Berlin has been installed and can be seen at 5. Greifswalder Str. / Erich-Weinert-Str., Berlin, Germany.

International Art Show 2009 – Preview

The Art Show 2009 is in its second edition welcoming important international galleries. Taking advantage of the excitement generated by the Film Festival, the Art Show 2009 aims to give the place of honour to current trends in the visual arts, with the “AVIFF” Art Video International Film Festival and the “Hopen” Art Master Piece, launched during the Fair.

The Poster Show – New York City

The Poster Show was held in New York City on the 27th April 2009. The posters were sold in silent auction, and 100% of proceeds were donated to the Memorial Foundation’s Breast Cancer Center in efforts to raise cancer awareness in young women.

The show, created by longtime Soffer Collective art director Manny Prieres, features work by Perez, Whitney Biennial Winner Bert Rodriguez, myself and many others. To read the full Press Release CLICK HERE.

poster show ny