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Define Pornography ?

This is a copy of an article that I recently published on a website entitled “The Secret Room”, which is a site dedicated to artists and erotic art:-

I think it’s quite interesting to look at dictionary definitions when exploring this subject. All of the words originate from Greek (mostly 19th Century), so that also tells us quite a lot about times gone by. Nothing is new when it comes to sex and sexuality.

If we take “Pornography” first, this is quite recent, originating from the Greek word “pornographos”, or “writing about prostitutes”. Very specific ! Today, it is defined as “intended to stimulate erotic feelings”

Erotic, Erotica, Erotism, Eroticism, etc., all pertain to the root word “Eros”, Son and lover of Aphrodite (or Venus to the Romans), and all pertain to “sexual desire or excitement”.

As such, it is clear in modern day terms, that pornography and erotica are closely linked. Pornography can be erotic just as erotica can be pornographic. Equally, it cannot automatically be taken as given. Much is in the eye of the beholder and what does or does not stimulate the viewer. Let us also not forget, that what stimulates man does not necessarily stimulate woman, and vice-versa.

For me at least, modern day pornography is largely just sexual, often commercially sexual to the extreme, whereas erotica is (or at least should be) primarily sensual, sensuality being the primary stimulant. Voila, there you have my two-penneth worth !

Happy Christmas !

Happy Holidays !

Wishing everybody here a very Happy Holiday Season. Peace and Happiness to all.

How to Collect Photography ?

This is an interesting You Tube video that I came across, giving some tips on collecting photography:-

PosSesso – The Inauguration Video

The video of the official opening of the PosSesso art exhibition, in Saint Mark’s Venice, Italy.

Awareness in New York Featured in “The Pill”

The Pill Blog

The Pill is the official Blog of New York City Representatives “Artists and Creatives”, and on November 13th 2008 they give a mention to my project “Awareness in Manhattan” (here), shot in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. The production was undertaken with the assistance of A+C and their collaborators, specifically Yael Sapir of YES Productions. Many thanks also to my Photo Assistant Seth Mooney and Lancome Make-up Artist Andrew Sotomayor.

“Awareness in New York – New Exhibition Series”

awareness in NY

awareness in NY

awareness in NY

awareness in NY

awareness in NY

awareness in NY

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I recently shot a new exhibition series featuring Taiwanese Top-Model CC Wang in variety of prominent Manhattan locations.

The full series of 170+ images from the shoot will be published as a book and 12 images from the series will be produced as Limited Series Artworks, which will be exhibited initially in Manhattan around March 2009 (exact dates and venues are not finalised as yet). The artworks will subsequently be exhibited both nationally throughout the US and internationally in Europe, Latin America and Asia. 50% of all sales proceeds from both the book publication and the exhibition will be donated to Breast Cancer Research.

I am currently seeking galleries both throughout the US and internationally that would be willing to exhibit the 12 artworks. If you are a gallery owner and would be interested in hosting the exhibition during the course of 2009, please contact me.

New Commercial Representation in New York City

A+C logo

Headed by Joe Lombardo, Artists and Creatives based in the heart of Manhattan, are one of the leading commercial agents in NYC. However, aside from this, Joe and his team have a creative vision that extends beyond just commercial productions. This group of people are artists themselves, representing artists, and I am proud to be associated with them. I am looking forward to our future collaboration together.

New Gallery Representation in Portugal


I have recently reached an agreement with the prestigious Lisbon based art gallery Câmara dos Azuis, who will be representing my work and myself as an artist. I very much look forward to our future collaboration.

Honoured at the 2008 IPA-Lucie Awards


I was recently honoured at the Pilsner Urquell International Photography Awards 2008, where my series “Romantica” received an Honourable Mention. Click here to read the Press Release.