Monthly Archives: April 2007

~ IMAGINISM ~ New art movement created by photographic artist Thomas Hodges – January 2007


Much in the same way that Claude Monet began the “Impressionism” art movement back in the 1860s, as a photographic artist I have pioneered, and continue to pioneer a unique style which I term “Imaginism”.

Unrelated to the Russian poetic movement of the same name, although my images are often presented in association with poetry (either that of my own or others), pertaining to either the individual image or a series.

I hope that this will be the beginning of an era, and that the “Imaginism” art movement (perhaps even in compliment to the existing poetic movement), will bring artists together both photographic and otherwise.

The primarily theme of my own artwork is that of “Erotism”, and although related to “Erotica”, I choose to carefully distinguish one form the other. My work borders on “experimental”, focusing less on the subject and more on the formal aspects of the image, the light, movement and composition. Especially movement, which gives the image an intense atmosphere, masking the formal subject and replacing it with sensuality and suspense.

The objective of “Imaginism” and “Imaginistic Art”, is to encourage the viewer to see beyond what is actually being presented. To see what actually is not being shown. My images have been described as “surreal”, “manifesting within a dream” and even as “a gift from heaven”. Each viewer should and will see my work in a different context, but the one thing in common for all, is that each image conjures a question and will be viewed and remembered beyond its actual physical content.

I would welcome contact from any artist, working in any media, that feels his work fits within this movement, and would be interested in evolving the movement to an international level of recognition.