Born in London, England, Thomas has lived and travelled extensively throughout Europe, East and South East Asia. Currently he resides in the region of Puglia in Southern Italy.

Thomas first picked-up a camera around the age of 8 (his Father being a keen amateur photographer). He started working in a professional capacity in 1984, shooting freelance editorial, primarily for the fashion industry. However, photography remained very much a secondary profession until 2004, when Thomas was enticed to resign from his principal profession as a financial engineer (investment banking), and pursue a full-time career as a photographic artist, which he embarked upon fully in 2006.


Thomas has a unique artistic style, which he terms "Imaginistic", leaving the onlooker to draw the ultimate conclusion of what his images truly portray. In December 2006, Thomas established the art movement "Imaginism", primarily to accommodate his own artistic style, and in compliment to the poetic movement of the same name.

Although Thomas has a varied portfolio of work, his main focus is on human sexuality across culture and race, which remains his principal subject matter. Much of his work is on an erotic theme, although usually with an underlying message that the onlooker is left to interpret. His figurative works have gained international recognition, and Thomas has works in both private and public collections worldwide. Thomas has a strong focus on humanitarian and benefit causes and much of his work is both inspired and dedicated to aiding humanity.

Although best known for his photographic art, Thomas actually works with a variety of media, including oils, acrylics, mixed-media and sculpture. He also produces video art and short films, the latter usually being on an erotic theme. Thomas has also ventured into the field of design, working in collaboration with both fashion and commercial designers, he fusions his work into custom made installations and fittings, including clothing, furnishings and interior decorations, and using a variety of support materials and techniques.

For his photographic art Thomas works primarily with natural and ambient light, preferring this to the artificial environment of studio lighting. He excels in the manipulation of light, often working at the extremes of both high-key and low- key photography. His work has been quoted as “bordering on experimental, focusing less on the subject and more on the formal aspects of the image, the light, movement and composition. In particular movement, which give his images an intense atmosphere, masking the formal subject and replacing it with sensuality and suspense”. Thomas’ images have been described as “surreal”, “manifesting within a dream” and even as “a gift from heaven”.

Thomas works extensively with the actress, model and singer Chu Chiao Wang (CC), who since 2006 has been associated as his model/muse. CC is also responsible for much of Thomas' art direction, make-up and styling in many of his works and special series productions.

In 2006, Thomas was awarded the title of “Spider Fellow”, having won a prestigious “Nominee Award” in “The Black and White Spider Awards”. The Black and White Spider Awards is "the leading international award honoring excellence in black and white photography". Thomas was further honored when he won a further 5 Nominee Awards in the 2007 competition. Thomas has also won “Nominee Awards” in the 2006, 2007 and 2008 “Photography Masters Cup”. The Photography Masters Cup is a global online award show recognizing excellence in color photography. Additionally, Thomas received an “Honorable Mention” award in both the 2008 and 2009 IPA-Lucie Awards in the Fine Art Nude category, for his series entitled “Romantica” and "Nude Shadows". In 2009, Thomas was also a winner in the London International Creative Competition (LICC), for his art-nude series "Wrapped".

Thomas' first monograph "Le Tre Grazie" was published in 2014 and he is currently working on numerous other publications, including the monograph "Imaginism", which in limited edition version, will incorporate a specially scored music DVD, providing the reader with a full sound and vision experience.

Thomas’ work is published in the first volume of "The World's Greatest Black & White Photography", the "Photography Masters Cup Yearbook 2008" and “The Erotic Review Photographer of the Year Prize – The Book" (both 2008 & 2009 editions). His work is also published in many magazines (both print and online), including USA Playboy and GQ Magazine's Girl’s Gallery. Thomas has also featured in numerous magazine articles, blogs and TV interviews.

Institutional Collections: Thomas' artworks can be found in many private and public collections world-wide, including; Davis Polk Wardwell, Sony Corporation, Universal Corporation, Shanghai University and Chi Mei Museum, to name but a few. He has and continues to exhibit his work internationally, including the 2009 Venice Biennale and the International Art Show in Cannes, France. Thomas maintains a regular international exhibition programme, including numerous solo exhibitions.

Artist’s Statement: My work is both conceptual and representational. My principal focus is on the creation of images which I define as "Imaginistic", leaving your imagination to interpret what is truly being portrayed. As such, your own imagination is primarily the key to your personal interpretation of much of my work.

"You perceive what you wish to perceive, there is no truth, perhaps no reality, it is for you to decide. Let your imagination be the key to your interpretation of realism. That is imaginism" ~ Thomas Hodges

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